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Colorado Moose

Hello hunting friends...I just thought I would put the word out here and ask for the help of many eyes and ears.  This is a great site (been here many times), and I know there will be like minded thinking.  As many of you know, rifle moose season started here in Colorado yesterday.  My son and I were on our way up to the North Park area to try our luck on an early season buck tag Monday night when we hit and killed a trophy bull moose.  By the time we got back to the site of the accident Tuesday morning with the local wildlife officer, some one had cut the antlers off.  The accident occured 2 miles south of Rand, Colorado on Hwy 125, and the antlers were removed sometime between midnight and daybreak Tuesday, October 2nd.  As a dad, hunter, and avid outdoorsman I can't tell you how disheartning and frustrated I was to walk up on this scene, so I am posting this here to ask the hunting communitities' help to find the people responsible for this.  I know there were a lot of hunters in the area, and I'm hoping some one might have seen a fresh moose rack in the back of a pickup or something Tuesday.  I have the priviledge of taking home some great moose steaks, but I also would have like to have had our hard working DOW benefit from the proceeds of that trophy antler rack...as a result of this super great dead critter.  If anyone might possibly have any information regarding this, contact Area Technician, Jeremiah, in the Walden DOW location or Operation Game Thief.  I will personally be volunteering my time to our busy DOW people in Walden to help them in whatever capacity I can.  I hope others will be pro-active also to help keep our hunting privileges top-notch.  Thanks, everyone.

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I will keep my eyes open! Do you have any photo's of the bull to help us make the match? I live in Loveland, so not terribly far from the scene of the crime. People need to remember if you take the antlers, you have to take the meat and then call the DOW for a Salvage tag within 24 hours. The Dow would most likely take the rack since or one it was a Moose and it was a trophy.

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I hope you and your son are

I hope you and your son are ok. I can't imagine smacking a moose with enough force to kill it.

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maybe I'm missing something?

maybe I'm missing something? But what is the crime here. In colorado you can pick up dead heads(deer and elk at least) without calling CDOW. I know if you personally hit a animal and it is of trophy class you normally can not keep the antlers but can get a meat permit. They do this to prevent people from intentionally hitting animals for the rack. If a guy was driving down the road and found a dead head wouldn't that be the same as finding one in the woods. If not. How far off the road does the animal have go before it dies to be a legal find. Now maybe there are special regs for moose like with sheep but I know you can keep a trophy sheep if you report the find to CDOW. Were you able to skin the moose and get the meat cooling down before you left? Meat spoils fast this time of year.

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I'm wondering how you managed

I'm wondering how you managed to hit a bull moose and still were able to drive your vehicle.  I saw what a cow did to a Ford F450 one time and the truck had to be towed from the site.

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Hope you and your son are OK.

Hope you and your son are OK. sucks that the accident happened but at least he did not go to waste. A lady my son knows just hit a cow moose on Rabbit Ears this week. It totaled her car and the cow walked away. Maybe it died later but to total a car and walk away is one tough critter.

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