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Colorado MD in units 35, 36 and 45

I have a friend who is heading to CO for a Mule Deer hunt next weekend (don't know which season this is) in these 3 areas.  Anyone out there have any advice/help that they would be willing to share?  Any insight would/will be appreciated.


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For unit 35 he'll have to

For unit 35 he'll have to hunt around the private property in it and the deer like to stay high until they are pushed out due to snow.  There are some to be had on the BLM land if he can find them.  I hunted the area for a few years out of Gypsum off of exit 140 and then north but it can be spotty. 

In units 36 and 45 he is going to have to deal with quite a bit of snow from what it looks like.  There is a lot of private in 36 both down low and up high so access could be a problem.  Two of the better areas for it would be Lake Creek out of Edwards and Tigwon road east of Minturn for unit 45.  I have never hunted unit 36 but have had friends that have.  One of the access roads is in Avon which goes up Red Mountain and they always had success up there  but I do not know just where they hunted except that it was on the south facing slopes.   

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Appreciate the help, I will

Appreciate the help, I will pass it on.

thanks again Thumbs up

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