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Colorado license question- license limits?

I am new to Colorado and noticed that you can only hold one limited hunting license per big game species. Can i purchase unlimited licenses or over the counter licenses in addition to my license per species? I would like to hunt mule deer with my choice from the preference hunt but would also like the option to hunt other areas later on in the season. Is this possible?

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Colorado license question- license limits?

The sad thing about Colorado as far as deer are conserned is that the area that you draw out in is the area that you have to hunt. Now if you put in for an area that has multipul units then you can hunt in all of them but no others. If you haven't already you need to get going since the application deadline is April 7 after that you will be looking at leftover tags witch are usually only doe tags.


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Colorado license question- license limits?

You can only hunt one male or either sex animal. But you can hold a second tag of each species (deer, elk antelope) if at least one tag is "list B", which are primarily doe and cow tags in areas the DOW wants thinned, most of those tags are in the block of units from unit 3, 4, 14 down to the mid 40s units, plus some others.

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