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Thanks Critter, I'm thinking

Thanks Critter, I'm thinking this one is from the leftover draw. I have yet to draw a tag in Colorado and am hoping this is finally my year. If I understand correctly tho, from reading in this forum, the points only are used for the regular draw first choice. So I don't think I can tell what tag I drew yet. I'm certainly not the expert so correct me if I'm wrong. I'm just excited to continue planning for this hunt.

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You are right the points are

You are right the points are only used for the first choice but if you go to the link below and figure out how to read it you might be able to figure out what you drew. It will tell you how many hunters drew with their first choice along with second, third, and fourth choice. That along with how many tags were available and how many are left if there are any.


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The leftover list is up now


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