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Colorado left over elk archery areas

I'm new to western hunting and noticed there are a many leftover elk archery tags in the 7,8,9,19 units. They are all together in the far northern part of the state. There have to be many factors for so many leftovers, does anyone know why? I thought maybe because there are fewer animals or less public land to hunt.

Another newbie question. I don't know what areas you can hunt with an over the counter archery tag for elk and/or deer. Is it all areas that are not part of the drawing system? I've looked through the Colorado wildlife website and don't quite understand.

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Colorado left over elk archery areas

>>>> Lots of private land....... you will definately want to have a hunt set up BEFORE getting one of those tags! Best of luck....

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Colorado left over elk archery areas

i hunted 7, 8 last year off of that archery tag and we did get into a couple elk. however the area is pretty low in elevation unless you hike into the wilderness area for several miles. you need hunt pretty high up during the first part of the season cuz the elk weren't down yet last year when we hunted it.

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Colorado left over elk archery areas

Colorado's DNR site is had to figure out when it comes to tags and what and where is available.

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RE: Colorado left over elk archery areas

Still good areas though. Yes, not quite as much public land, but still ample to choose from. It is also much closer to the population centers and hunters typically tend to lean away from those types of closer grounds and hunt further west. That being said, it can actually be a good deal due to that! I believe GMUs 7-8 have some good BLM & SWA (State Wildlife Area) land accessible, but since much of it is open plains and not near the elevation the elk MAY not be down into those areas as early as in other areas. There are tons of elk in the area, though I firmly believe they are still at the higher elevations that early in the fall. Heck, my only 7x7 ever and my main hunting buddies' only 7x7 were both out of these areas near "Pingree Park". Not really up to speed on 9 & 19 since I too tend to head much further west!! Mr. Cool!

Good Luck! Big smile

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Colorado left over elk archery areas

Hunted there the last 2 season. There are elk there but not until later. We have seem alot of elk at times but not enough in my opinion to give yourself a good chance of getting on. There is also alot of muzzle loader hunters in there.

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