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Colorado Hunting Atlas

You may have already seen or heard about the Colorado Hunting Atlas available on the CDW website.  I had used the beta version of this quite awhile ago, and wasn't impressed--slow and difficult to refresh and move the map around, especially if you had several layers on the map.  The NDIS mapping tool was more useful (also available on the CDW website), although still kind of clunky and hard to get good usable output maps.  Well, not anymore.

The new Colorado Hunting Atlas works pretty good.  I had no trouble moving the maps around and layering everything from public access lands to elk and deer summer/winter ranges etc.  And the output is formatted directly to a pdf file landscaped on an 8.5"x11" size paper.  I also really like the ability to switch from topo to sat view and output exactly the same map to pdf for each.

I have been using the pdf quads from the USGS, and cropping them to the areas I was interested in using Adobe software.  This took a lot of time and was tedious to get different quads to match up perfectly.  Once printed I used my wife's laminating machine to make good packable, waterproof maps of the areas I'm hunting each year.  The new atlas tool will save me time making these maps.

Sorry, might be old news--I just went to the CDW website today and checked out the new release of the atals and was really impressed.  :=D>

Check it out if you haven't yet.

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I agree that the CO Hunting Atlas and the NDIS tools are useful.  I also noticed that they improved the Hunting Atlas considerably from when it first came out.  Now, it is a much more intuitive and useful tool.  I did not know about the PDF output.  I will have to put that to use.  Thanks for sharing!

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