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Colorado hunt ideas?

I am excited about going elk hunting for first time in 2012.   Any sincere ideas as to good options?  I will be coming from WI.  Should I pay for a base camp, and if so any recs?  I am willing to rough it, am able and willing to cover lots of ground.  I would be ecstatic with any sized bull.  Basically looking for experienced hunters' ideas as to where I could hunt in Colorado for a decent chance at a bull?  Which season? Thanks.

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Other than the help you'll

Other than the help you'll get here. Check the DOW web site. It's full of information for a new hunter here.



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Need to get a bit more specific

Lots of folks will give you great advice and tips here.  But, you're going to need to narrow down your search some for the advice to be specific to what you are looking for.

What season and weapon do you prefer or plan on using?  Early season hunts in September are nice with reasonably good weather, but not a lot of rifle hunts during that time of year.  Late season hunts can be really good if the elk have migrated to the wintering areas.  Of course, bow, muzzleloader, rifle all have specific seasons as well.

Are you planning on putting in for a limited tag inthe draw or do you simply want to buy an over-the-counter (OTC) bull tag?  Again, the possibilities are literally in the hundreds with different units and seasons for limited tags.

Are you planning on camping in a tent or camper, by yourself or a with a group, want to hunt in areas with lower densities of hunters or lots of orange in the field isn't an issue for you?

Take StillHunter's advice and check out the Colorado DOW website to help narrow down what you are really wanting and looking for in an elk hunt.  With more specific questions you will no doubt get plenty of help from others on the forum.

Good luck!

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First off welcome to the

First off welcome to the site, good to see new folks on here to talk with and share stories. I will have to agree with COMeatHunter that we need more info. Give us an idea of what you are thinking such as weapon, area etc and we as a group can and will help you out. Again welcome and give us more info to help you out.

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Welcome to the site!  I don't

Welcome to the site!  I don't think you could have asked a more popular question on here, as that seems to be where the most amount of experience and opinion lie here.  Lots of great guys willing to share info. 

I am also trying to put together a hunt next fall up there.  Probably looking at second season, and do a combo elk and deer hunts.  I have a few ideas already that I am looking into, like I said, with recommendations from some great guys on here.

Be sure to stick around, and browse the forums.  And, throw up a photo or 2 of your past hunts.  We'd love to see them, especially coming from Wisconsin.  Lots of big bucks and bears from that neck of the woods!

Good luck, and keep us up to date on your progress!

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pick up mike eastmans book

pick up mike eastmans book elk hunting the west. the knowledge in that book is awesome. 

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Try to find some past issues

Try to find some past issues of Eatmans Hunting and Bow Hunting journal. There is a members research section in each magazine that highlights the best areas in western states for all big game. Like the others said, more details are needed to give you true and helpful advice. And as for paying for a base camp, alot of the outfitters will drop you on public land that you can hunt for free.

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I guess he changed his mind? 

I guess he changed his mind?  Confused

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Colorados a great place...

with lots of options. The other guys covered it very well. It would also be a good idea to start putting in for preference points. Without any you are pretty much looking at a general archery tag or rifle tag. Any time in the mountains is great but i really like archery & muzzloader while the rut is on. Best of luck!

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Without preference points,

Without preference points, the most likely solution is an Over The Counter 2nd or 3rd Rifle Season Bull Only tag.  Here is the link for the OTC rifle units.  As you can tell, most of the elk units in the state can be hunted OTC during 2nd & 3rd season.


If archery is your thing, archery tags are also available OTC.  

If you give a little bit more to go on, you will definitely get more responses.  With what you have given so far, Units 4, 5, & 214 north of Craig would be a likely destination.  It is a popular area, particularly for out-of-state hunters.  It has lots of public land, a fairly high success rate, with a decent elk density.  Due to the high success rate, the age structure is fairly young leading to a high number of raghorn bulls in the population.  Since there is a large amount of rather easily accessible public land with respectable elk numbers, there are lots of hunters in the area.  If you do not picture your elk hunt crowded by other hunters, other units in the state would probably be a better choice.  

Anyway, hope this helps.  Stick around and share your knowledge of WI with the rest of us.  

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