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Colorado Grouse Hunting

Well, I took out the neighbor kid out hunting some blue grouse this morning and ran into a couple of flocks of them.  He managed to bag 3 out of the 4 in the picture and wanted to shoot some more but I had to educate him on the bag limits which didn't make him very happy.  He didn't want his picture takes but put his shotgun down into the picture

Now for a tasty meal. 


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Great job on getting the youngster out in the field and taking some of my favorite birds to eat. Congrats to the young man on some good shooting also !  Thumbs up


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Missed this Critter.  Grouse,

Missed this Critter.  Grouse, or partridge as we call them, is one of my favorite things to hunt, and eat for that matter.  Congrats, a few nice ones there.

We have the Ruffed Grouse back in Vermont, and there is a sprinkling of Spruce Grouse too, although people don't like those so much.

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Those are the best eating

Those are the best eating game bird there is!

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