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Colorado GMUs 59, 511, 591

Just found out I drew a muzzleloader deer tag in these 3 areas. I am looking for help with where to start my online scouting- I say online becuase I am currently deployed to Afghanistan and won't return until mid July. I am hoping I can study enough online to learn as much about these areas before I redeploy. I am a Fort Carson Soldier, so 591 is the only place I have much time on the ground. If anybody has any information to get me started, I would appreciate it, and thanks much in advance.

Camp Stone, Afghanistan

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Re: Colorado GMUs 59, 511, 591

newt, I'm not greatly familiar with this unit as I've never hunted Ft. Carson, but up until last Jan. I worked in Springs and commuted from Pueblo for the past five years. On the west side of I-25 right before Fountain in the fields between the Speedway and the power plant I've seen a herd of elk numbering around fifty or more head in those fields at different times of the year. I've seen a couple of really nice six by six bulls with that herd and alone as well. It looks like the eastern edge of your unit borders those fields. It looks like those elk travel between the higher ground to the west down to the lower stuff off I-25. If you can find the trails their using and or get an idea of where their breeding activity is I'd say you have a decent chance with muzzleloader in their. I believe some civilians get tags in Ft. Carson every year so maybe someone who's hunted it can chime in and help. Good luck. Thumbs up

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