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Colorado GMU 65-66

Well I went on my first Elk hunt in Colorado this year. We hunted private land off hiway 50 right by Cimmiron Co, We went with a guide during the last season. The weather was the same this year as it was last year in Montana last year Warm 65-67 by 11am but a good dump of snow on the last day I saw two shooter bulls 6X5 and a 5X5 but we had dispute on prop lines so could not make a 50 yard shot. The guide we had was sick over not knowing the prop lines. He was a great guide and it was not for lack of trying the elk were just not there. I saw 15 Muley bucks over 170 and two that the guide thought they were close to 195. I learned two things come to Colorado in shape and come with deer tags one more, that makes three KNOW YOUR MAP. The guide and team were the best and I will hunt with them next year. Anyone wants to hunt some BIG BUCKS email me and I will give you his name and number.

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