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Colorado GMU 55 - Help

We are hunting are 55 this year in the 3rd rifle season. We were there again this past weekend scouting and are still at a loss as to where we should go. We're thinking Lost Canyon and/or the Cement Creek area up along Cement Creek Road. I am anticipating on seeing quite a few hunters. The areas we're targeting are winter concentration areas as well. Anyone have past experience and insight they can share on good areas with public land to hunt. I guess that's the other issue is during our scout trips we've run into quite a bit of private land.

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Welcome to BGH, I have hunted

Welcome to BGH, I have hunted in 55 a few times but never in the areas you have mentioned. For sure you will run into bigger crowds of hunters, hiker and 4 wheelers if you stay in easy to reach/access areas like Cement Creek. Unit 55 is a big unit and there are several areas you can go to and get away from the crowds if you want to. I would look at areas away from Gunnison and Crested Butte as these will draw more folks. Look farter north, northwest, northeast or southeast.

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