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Colorado GMU 501 for deer

I have hunted this unit for many years elk hunting and have had decent sucess first season during the bull only season however this year I have a dear tag for third season I have never hunted this late up there. Does are body have any advise... Im not looking for a honey hole or the area that deer are tied to trees. I am just looking for some advise on where to start my search. I am a army man that has only a few days to hunt.

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Stay Tuned

I was actually doing a web search for help on the same subject.  I have a Buck tag for second rifle.  Will let you know how it goes.  Only going up over the weekends.  Have scouted above Como with some sign that gets better the higher you go.  I typically hunt Elk the NW part of 501 and have seen a fair amount of Does in the area.  Have only seen two Bucks in the area over the last six years in that part of the GMU.  Planning on hitting the Hayman Burn Area up west side of 67.  Will let you know how it goes over the next week. 

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I have a 4th season Buck tag for 501.  I live and play in that area all year around.  By third season you'll want to look to the burn areas.  Find a nice high overlook before daylight and sit tight while glassing the draws.  I'm already seeing some smaller bucks even though we haven't had enough snow up high to push most of them down.  If it snows alot high by third season you can expect bigger bucks to migrate through the burn areas headed to lower Winter range that is East of 501.

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