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Colorado GMU 35, 36 Late Season Elk Hunt

I have 2 boys looking to fill their cow elk tags in the late season youth elk hunt.  I am looking at hunting in units 35 and 36.  I would greatly appreciate any advice on where to hunt on public land in these units at this time of year. (season ends January 15th)  I have looked at the GMU tip sheets for these units but some advice from someone that is familiar with what is currently going on in these units would be appreciated.

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35 can be a tough unit to

35 can be a tough unit to hunt on a late season cow tag. Most of the elk will hang out up on top of Greenhorn Mountain or Castle Peak in the private. There are some at times above Dotsero in the cedars. I have also found them south of Bond on the cut off road from HWY 131 to and along the Colorado River but a lot of that is private. There is access through it but you may need a snow machine to get to where the elk are sitting at in that area. Also there is usually a herd that hangs around Blue Lake south of Horse Mountain but there is a lot of private here also.

Unit 36 you are going to need a snow machine and a lot of luck. There are usually a couple of herds that hang out above Avon and Edwards, that is unless they have moved down to the golf courses. I used to watch a herd just to the east of the Wildridge subdivision above Avon. They were on public land but getting to them was the problem.

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Thanks for  your insight

Thanks for  your insight Critter!

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I've only hunted it above

I've only hunted it above Dotsero where Critter mentioned and that was nearly 20 years ago. Unless there is a lot of snow they don't move in much. I really don't think we've gotten enough yet this year. That's why I quit hunting it as we only got into them about every 5 years.

Again my info is nearly 20 years old.

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