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Colorado GMU 24

Just wondering if anyone bow hunted this unit this

past fall and what kinds of success anyone had ?

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I did not hunt 24 last year

I did not hunt 24 last year but have hunted that area for several years and have had very good luck. I have bow, muzzle loader and rifle hunted in 12/24 with good luck in all seasons. It will take you at least one or two preference points to draw an archery tag in 12/24 so hope you have them. Not sure if you looked up the stats for last year but here is some info. You can get all this from the DOW (or whatever they are called now) site too.


In 2011 there were 630 archery tags available with 1015 first choice applicants. Of those who got tags 200 were non residents. I would guess 2012 will be very similar.


2011 harvest rate info is not out but in 2010 the success rate was 14% in unit 24 for archery.


Hope this helps but if you have more questions let me know.


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Lots of elk...

A friend of mine archery hunted there, and we hunted 1st season rifle.  No huge bulls, but like I said LOTS of elk

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