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Colorado GMU 14. Archery Elk Questions

Hey all~This fall will be my third archery elk hunt, so I'm starting to get the hang of things. This will also be my first pack-in hunt. I just had a couple questions for those of you who may have hunted GMU 14 North of Steamboat. What is the fresh water supply like here? And what purification methods would you guys recommend? Also, other forums make it sound like there may be quite a bit of pressure in this area. I'm planning on getting up in the elevation, and a minimum of a mile in, if necessary. Any advice on water or hunting pressure would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys!

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Should be dine for water

You shouldnt have any real problem funding water. This is shaping up to be an extremely dry year with less than 50% of normal snowpack throughout much of Colorado. Point is, normally I'd say even thesmallest feeder creeks would have water, but it's possible that that might not be the case this year.  If you stick to camping on the larger creeks you'll be ok. We use the basic filters from pur for water. Also, I'd plan on packing in more than a mile to make it more worth the hassle. If that's too much, consider truck camping instead.

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I hunt unit 14 every year and

I hunt unit 14 every year and do quite well. The best advice that I can give you is to go farther than a mile. There is a lot of hunters in that area and 90% only go a mile in. I hunt the wilderness area and go 3 to 6 miles in and I dont see to many hunters, a couple on horses but thats it. Get off the main trails and be prepared to work hard and you will do just fine.

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Thanks for the help and

Thanks for the help and advice guys.


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+1 archeryelk Go more than a

+1 archeryelk

Go more than a mile. Especially since when most guys tell you they hiked in a mile... they actually walked at most, 2600 feet!

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