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Colorado GMU 11 - Help

My dad and I drew Colorado Unit 11, 3rd rifle season, and will be heading out that way the begining of November. My dad has only hunted elk in the area so mulies will be a little different, and I have never hunted the area. Looking for some advice on hunting unit 11. I have heard that it is good up around Cross Mountain or in the Bitterbrush SWA area during the 3rd season, but we are looking at hunting in the Black Mountain area, northwest of Meeker. Any help would be appreciated.


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I hunted 11/211 2nd season in

I hunted 11/211 2nd season in 2008 and shot a buck but saw just a few deer. It was a tough year and followed a huge winter kill the prior year. Coincidentially, I'm hunting the 3rd season this year as well!

Looking at my notes, I saw legal bucks while hiking the Citadel and Escarpment Peak areas. Bitterbrush area is covered with roads and truck hunters. Visability is wide open and much too easily hunted/glassed by the masses. If I recall, there is a small area of BLM East of Bitterbrush called Juniper Mountain in 211.  I hiked it during an overnight scout and liked the way it looked but never made it back there to hunt.  Private land is scattered throughout so if you have access to https://www.huntinggpsmaps.com/ you will have a better chance of staying safe and finding a secluded nugget. 

Just my .02 - Have a great hunt - maybe I'll see you out there.

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