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Colorado Elk muzzle loader GMU 62

I drew a bull elk muzzle loader tag for Colorado and am looking at hunting GMU 62, I however will not be able to do any scouting, I am in Iraq and will not be home until the first part of Aug and the hunt is in Sept, I do have a brother in Grand junction that will be helping me by doing some scouting, that is a big reason we chose that GMU, it also has a pretty good reputation i hear. Has any one hunted that area if so any help would be appreciated with areas that are good.

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Colorado Elk muzzle loader GMU 62

I'll see what I can do. I'm going on a Archery Elk hunt in 62 but it will be Sept 20 thru the 28 so it may be too late to help you.
Hope things are going well there for you in the heat. I've been there twice. Desert Storm and OIF. After 21 years I chose to get out and find an easier job which I have found out is just about any civilian job. LOL I still fly but no one is shooting at me now.

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