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colorado elk area 76

Thanks again for the information and maps. For the past several years I have been hunting area 521. I have taken 3 elk with a bow and 3 with a gun out of the 12 years I have hunted there (2 respectable bulls). I feel that is pretty good. I usually pack in by horseback or backpack. I was fortunate enough to have an uncle that had hunted this area for 2 decades before I started making the trip. He was a tremendous guide. Well, he is up in the years now and doesn't go any more. So I hope you don't mind me asking so many questions because you have been a tremendous help so far. Possibly going to a new area with no knowlege of the area on a DIY hunt is tough and I feel the more info i can get now the better the hunt.

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colorado elk area 76

I agree with exbiologist ,76 is the better hunt unit 40 has very limited public axcess to where the elk are and it is brutal to get to.Living here in grand junction I have seen many monster unit 40 elk but they all came off private land.It can be done but it takes some very good scouting , planning, and a few good conections and even then it sucks to watch big bulls on private land!! I hunted unit 76 a few years ago muzzel loader season saw lots of bulls and a few 300+ It's much better if you have horses to get back to them.Call the gunnison DOW office and get the number for the local field officer he is very helpful, explain how you hunt and how long you have to hunt, and that you have horses, he did me right, and the country is breath taking. We were a days ride in and had it all to ourselves. Saw 12 to 18 bulls a day although some were a mile or so off on a far ridge but I also passed shots every day too and I'm just a OK hunter. For those of you with out horses, at that time during hunting season many of the side roads are closed to motor trafic except between 11 am and 2 pm and only for reterival ! Cool huh ! I only wish there were a lot more of this.What I like about 76 is when you spot a elk from the road or whever you are, and you WILL see elk,and you think you have the lungs and legs to go after it you won't have to worry about a fence that says you can't. As with any area the more time spent there scouting the better, but I think a guy with out horses who is in GOOD shape can get a desent bull going in blind, if you glass and hunt hard. You ATV road hunters forget it,even with the horses I lost 9 pounds in 8 days. Good hunting to you all.

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Remote Scouting Tool

*First-time poster, here.  Have been trolling for a couple months, but had to speak up...*



Where do you get that google earth overlay program you were referencing earlier?  Thanks in advance!



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I had the same question about

I had the same question about the map, it looks great. I have applied for a unit 40 late tag for 2 years and have always been one point behind the draw. Will draw in 2013 either a 3rd or 4th. I too now live by Grand Jct, and unit 40 access can be tough based on my scouting and talking to the CDOW officer and unit 40 locals. But I'm still going to hunt it. As far as 76 I've hunted across the divide in a adjacent unit and seen good bulls every year. It's steep rough country and a horse would be beneficially.

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