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Now 18 points for colorodo elk--any new hotspots??

well its been a year since I did this post and I thank many who have replied back..I didnt draw anything but I think that I will try again this year.I have 16 for deer and will consider going first for a deer and learn an area and then go back next year for elk!!!I have 18 for elk..I will hunt with bow ,muzzy, or rifle,whatever...Big question is what area looks good now this year,2012.Will bust through spending $5.00 a gallon for diesel to go there too....thanks everybody and have a good hunt...JC

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Just so it doesn't look like we're ignoring you...

But you've got my input, and it looks like you're almost where you need to be this year for elk.  Good luck next year.

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JC Your 17 points - and now 18 points ........


Your 2012 plan for pursuing deer this year and then maybe getting after elk in a year or so may be the way to go.  As I wrote last year, there are a number of applicants ahead of you and the number seems to rise each year.

In 2011 there were 14 non-residents that applied for unit 61, 1st season rifle, bull, that had 18 or more points.  Six of those received permits, thus leaving eight that earned a point and they now have 19 or more points.  In addition there were 13 non-residents that applied with 17 points.  None of them received a tag.  So, if all things remain the same, you would not draw an elk tag this year and the odds are slim for the next two or three years. 

I am not sure that I am reading the DOW statistics correctly, but if I am there are about 970 non-resident hunters who had 18 or more points that entered last years drawings (Statewide - all units). There were 518 non-residents who had 17 points, and the numbers keep climbing from there.  On the same pages they also list a separate list of numbers for persons who applied for the preference points and those numbers are somewhat different - so I am not sure about the numbers.  But regardless, there are alot of people with alot of points.

I really feel sorry for the non-resident applicants with 10-15 points that are waiting to draw one of the near-top-tier units.  What are the chances when there are about 8,000 people in that group. 

Good luck with your hunt.





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