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Colorado Elk 12 Preference Points

My dad and I both will have 12 preference points going into 2014 and are looking for a good unit to hunt.  We prefer rifle, but have hunted both bow and muzzle for elk and will probably use an outfitter for this hunt.  We have hunted the northwestern part of the state for the last 16 years straight for mule deer and over the counter elk, but are now ready to redeem PP's while dad is still in good shape.  Heard lots about unit 40, 76 & 61.  Any suggestions for units and outfitters would be appreciated.  



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If you go to the Colorado

If you go to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife page and then to the satistic page you will be able to see what it took in 2012 to draw those tags.  The 2013 info is not out yet.  Just looking at it quickly you still don't have enough points for unit 61 in any of the seasons, but have enough for 40 and 76.  Unit 40 is dominated by private property for access so a outfitter is your best way to go but not having used one I couldn't recommend one. 

If you go to Google you can put in "Colorado unit 40 elk outfitters" and come up with some that you can contact.  You can do the same thing for unit 76. 

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You can figure out how many

You can figure out how many points you needed with the two reports they show now.

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You could suscribe to hunterstrailhead....it's like $25 per year but is pretty decent resource showing points required to draw.  Much easier than going to the state websites.

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Cheaper and more reliable

Cheaper and more reliable alternative would be to simply pick up the phone and call a hunt planner at the Colorado Parks & Wildlife office, 303-291-7526.

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X2 on the hunt planner!! 

X2 on the hunt planner!!  Also, the points required for last year are up now.  On the website go to "Big Game" section and the statisitics sub-section.  Good luck.

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