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Colorado drop camp

I am looking for some help in planning a drop camp hunt. I am finishing anesthesia school this fall and I am surprising my father with a drop camp hunt as a thank you for helping me through. I have looked at several outfitters websites and I am having a ton of trouble deciding which one. Because it has been so long and I am surprising my dad, I want to have the best experience we can. I am looking for a friendly outfitter, beautiful scenery, limited hunting pressure, and a bunch of animals wouldn't hurt either. We have elk hunted before and know there are no guarantees, but if anyone has any recommendations on a good outfitter I'd take any and all help I could get. Also, I'm torn on whether to muzzleload or rifle hunt, any help on that would be greatly appreciated as well.

Thanks in advance,


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Well i dont have any input on

Well i dont have any input on any outfitter, but i can recommend calling the ones your interested in talk with them, get references from past hunter both sucessfull or not and call them aswell to get input about there experiance with said outfitter. good luck with your school and hunting choices.

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colorado drop camp


I would suggest private land hunts, unless you want in a pack in style hunt.

I can help you with this possibly  p.m.

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Check the web

Really look into outfitter rating websites, and you may need to PM people to get thier honest answer. Some outfitters treat drop camps like a stray dog, and focus on the guided clients. Try looking into a tresspass fee hunt, some offer camps/houses with the hunt, and I would hunt muzzleloading season. Many of the really good tresspass hunts are booked year to year, so you may need to vary your plan depending on when/if they have an opening. Also many great elk spots are right up against Private land fences, so it can be a huge advantage if you have access to the private land the elk are using. BY the way both seasons you mentioned are draw only seasons, so best get hurrying.


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Do you have any pref points

Do you have any pref points for colorado elk? are you a resident? If not you can buy land owner tags, but they can get expensive! Ive talked to alot of outfitters this year who do drop camps and some of them have tags that come in there price. Let me know what your looking to spend, and i could send you some of there info.

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I would be looking to find a

I would be looking to find a good area first and then try to find and hiee the outfitter to do the drop camp for you, rather than just calling them up and going exactly where they want to put you.  Sometimes that can work out fine, but unless you really do your homework and talk with many previous hunters that have and haven't taken game on their hunt, you can get screwed as was mentioned in the other post!  Normally an outfitter is not going to put his drop camp(s) in the prime area(s) where he is doing his fully guided more expensive hunts.

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drop camp

Check out Eagle Mt Outfitter unit 54. I believe he only does drop camps and has no guided clients to catter to. MY brother talked to him and some of his ref. Check out 24 hour camefire I think Saddlesore gave someone some good info on there.  Also, check sage creek and bowsight.

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