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Colorado Draw results - First Rifle Season

Well guys, my dream has come true.

For those of you following my prior posts:

I am a police officer who will be traveling to Denver for the International Association of Chiefs of Police Conference, October 3 - 8, 2009.

I am an avid deer hunter who had hoped to participate in my first elk hunt following the conference. After speaking with the Colorado Division of Wildlife and other area law enforcement officers, I chose GMU 38 (cow elk) as my first choice for my draw. I chose it because of its proximity to Denver, the odds I might obtain a non-resident permit, and the odds I might actually see an elk.

My philosophy is first and foremost to enjoy the beauty of Colorado. My grandfather used to live in Longmont, and I have many fond childhood memories. Should I actually see an elk or signs of an elk, I would be very happy. The ability to harvest an elk..... forget it.... I would be THRILLED.

Ok, so the odds were in my favor this year. With the DOW setting aside 65 percent of the licenses for residents and 35 percent for non-residents, I believe fewer non-residents applied in light of the economy. Unfortunately for those of you who live in Colorado, I think more people may be looking to put some meat in their freezers.

So now I put myself in the Forum's hands. I know the basic area and GMU boundaries. I would never ask anyone to reveal their secret hunting areas - that they will be hunting.... but..... If you did not draw GMU 38, First Rifle Season for your hunt this year and could provide me with some tips or areas to consider (remember, I only want a cow - not your Trophy Bull), I would really appreciate the help.

Happy Hunting to all, and I hope everyone got their first or second choices.


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Colorado Draw results - First Rifle Season

Here's the best tip I can offer: Get to where you want to be really as early as possible. All but one of the elk I killed were taken BEFORE sunrise. The other one was taken AFTER sundown. Think--twilight.