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Colorado DOW Proposes Changes to Deer GMUs

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Colorado DOW Proposes Changes to Deer GMUs

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Colorado DOW Proposes Changes to Deer GMUs

The Colorado DOW has a long history of tinkering with seasons/GMUs that are supposed to be on a 5 year structure. I am glad to see they are always looking to improve however, it can take a lot of planning to get the license you want in Colorado. The DOW needs to give one year notice to these kind of changes. These are basically a no notice changes in an application world; not good. A one year notice gives someone the opportunity to hunt the hunt they thought they could apply for instead of just being out of luck when the next year arrives and it’s time to apply and now they need to figure out what to do or where to go super short notice. Hunting in CO goes way beyond the money, it goes into planning (sometimes years in advance) and expending precious preference points. I can think of a couple of other instances where deer units were combined and then divided outside of the 5 year plan. The Sept rifle bear licenses used to be a sate wide then changed to a unit specific license; outside of the 5 year plan.

Back to the preference points. Is anyone else upset that the DOW is now charging you to get a PP even if you apply for a license as a first choice? How about the really confusing, nickel and dime, generate additional money, they call the Habitat Stamp.

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Colorado DOW Proposes Changes to Deer GMUs

I'm upset about it, and they raised all the license prices last year too, they raised sheep and goat by a hundred bucks. Everyone i know, including me thinks that the DOW is all about the money. The habitat stamp is kind of a joke in my opinion and so is the PP thing among other stupid things that the DOW charges money for

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Colorado DOW Proposes Changes to Deer GMUs

You have to remember that when Co raised the non-res fee by that large amount several years ago they then lost a lot of revenue, and guess how they have made up for it?

It all sounded great to the residents when that happened, but shortly thereafter things like habitat stamp fees, and paying for PP's were put in place.

Bottom line is that they have a budget and if you lose revenue from non-res then the resident will pay more through these type of small and more subtle fees that will be snuck through and seemingly less impacting than just raising the resident license fee by a bunch.

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Selling Preference Points

I for one don't mind paying a litte bit extra in the form of habitat stamps if the money is really used to improve game habitat. However, the selling of preference points really gets my blood boiling. It seems like an eternity that I have been putting in for a real trophy buck area in order to get the unbelievable required number of preference points to draw. Now, they set up a system where anyone with lots of money can purchase the required number of preference points and jump ahead of guys like me in the draw system!!! I've spent years trying to get that license. I am now retired and don't have an endless supply of money to purchase preference points. Does this mean I will never get to fulfill my dream hunt in that trophy area??? Yea, I think so, because all our Colorado DOW is thinking about now is how much more money they can make by selling preference points. In today's climate of high priced canned hunts, access fees, and even legalized high fence "hunting, it seems that our Department of Wildlife has joined the unholy fray. In the future, the DOW will raise the price of purchaseing preference points to a level so ONLY the well healed will have the funds to "Purchase their Preference Points" to get a license. Then we'll be like Europe, Only the elite class will have the ability to hunt. Guess what folks, it's starting to be that way now here in Colorado. Thanks DOW for speeding that process along. And you wonder why the number of hunters in America is dropping every year??? Get your head out of that black hole and look around at what you're helping to create!!!! You no longer represent the wildlife, you no longer represent the average hunter, & you no longer represent the average citizen of Colorado. You are now representing ONLY the commercialization of our game animals for every dollar you can get. Every one of our so called Game Commissioners should be ashamed of how they have helped to speed this process along. Keep it up and I'll bet PETA will send each and every one of you a certificate of honor, and a lifetime membership in their organization. Congratulations, with decisions like these, You're doing more to destroy our heritage and the sport of hunting than they can ever hope to accomplish alone.

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Colorado DOW Proposes Changes to Deer GMUs

You don't have to pay for a preference point if you meet any one of the following exceptions:

1.) An annual fishing, small game, furbearer, or combo license in the previous year.

2.) A big game license for the previous year for the species in which you are applying for a preference point.

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