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Colorado DOW post hunt population data is out

Wow. Deer down 80,000 statewide, but concentrated in most of the best West Slope Units from Grand Mesa to the White River and Gunnison and Uncompahgre areas. Elk down only 10K, but primarily in the White River and Bear's Ears herds.
Granted these are surveys and could be error ridden, but considering they did the same exact thing last year and got much higher numbers, it's a little disconcerting.
One bright spot looks like the Poudre Canyon deer herd is recovering.
The major elk losses appear to be targeted losses by the DOW in the White River, Bear's Ears and Yampa area. Book Cliffs are up by a lot.

It seems reasonable to expect that the deer tags will go way down this year, maybe not so much with the elk. But you might want to see how your unit fared if you were planning on an OTC tag.

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Colorado DOW post hunt population data is out

wondering what your thinking is on why numbers are down so much? I couldn't find this years stats yet on the dow site yet. Maybe we won't get drawn.

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Colorado DOW post hunt population data is out

I didn't realize we had lost so many deer in the 07/08 winter. Elk seem to be still holding their own. They have been wanting to lower the Bears Ears herd for a long time now. Thanks Ex. we appreciate all you do on BGH! Thumbs up

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