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Colorado DOW: Elk University

Hey Folks -

While doing Internet research on a future elk hunt in CO, I stumbled on to what looks a great resource for people (like me) that want to hunt elk but are not overly knowledgeable - or are just flat uninitiated (like me)!

This is called the Elk University and is very intriguing.

I have pasted the link below.

I just found this last night and have not read through it very well yet - but it appears to hold a lot of promise - information wise - for folks that are just starting out.

Check it out - looks like a good read... this might even make a great "sticky" for this forum.







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Thanks Jim, for the link.

Thanks Jim, for the link. It's always good to have more info and I have been doing alot of reading already and there looks to be a bunch of great knowledge in this link.


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Onzaman, Welcome brother... I


Welcome brother... I am going to start studying this real hard.

If you are like me and have not been out west yet - but are wanting to go - this may be a gold mine for us.

Is this case and if yes, when do you intend to go?

I am shooting for 2012 and would love to put a group together...

Thanks -



PS what is Onzaman?

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I should have thought about

I should have thought about this when you let us know that you were planning a hunt out here. I already knew pretty much all the information in those lessons but it was still good going through them. When they were coming out earlier this year, I subscribed to it and the lessons were sent to my email as they came out. It is a pretty unique public relations tool that the Colorado Division of Wildlife and I liked it a lot. It is perfect for guys like you that are planning their first trips out this way. Hunting out west can be really intimidating for people that have never done it. But the division of wildife has done a really good job of simplifying the process for new hunters to Colorado.

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