Colorado DOW Considers Feral Hog Hunts

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Colorado DOW Considers Feral Hog Hunts

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pig population explosion

Feral pigs are far too difficult to control with a regulated hunting season.I'm from texas and our feral pig population is out of control.There is literally not enough hunters interested in shooting pigs to have any influence at all on the population explosion.We can hunt them all year long ,day or night with any weapon of choice.A mature sow can have over 20 offsping a year with these reaching sexual maturity in 2 years.They have few if any natural predators.I see them in herds of 30 - 50 and they become very good at avoiding hunters and traps.They destroy habitat and private property.Free range pigs are very tasty and lean.A shoot on sight policy would better serve to protect wildlife habitat .Once the population gets too large there will be no controlling them.

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