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Colorado diy hunt

I am currently trying to put together a d-i-y hunt, drop camp style, for 07 in Colorado. I wonder if anyone has a drop camp outfitter they would recommend.We would rather do a elk/mulie combo, but really open to suggestions. I have been researching the Meeker area and found a couple of outfitters there. Eagle nest and Sable mountain have both gotten my attention.Any suggestions as far as outfitters, season preferences, general pointers- anything would be greatly appreciated as this will be our first hunting trip out west.

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Colorado diy hunt

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Colorado diy hunt

They may be good outfitters but if they are utilizing public hunting land be prepared for lots of hunters and smallish bulls as that general area gets hunted hard

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Colorado diy hunt

mushrat is correct for most of the areas but some of these drop camps can be 7-12 miles in on horse back and that will get you pretty much by yourself and some nicer bulls can be found. The Flattops has some pretty remote areas and the South San Juans also has some really remote areas.

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Colorado diy hunt


If you are still looking for a Colorado drop camp hunt, we represent a couple of outfitters who do those hunts in different areas of the state. They are both great outfitters and will get you back in the wilderness farther than most, so that you get in the best, least hunted game areas. Let me know if you would like some more info.

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