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Colorado Deer hunt - Sept '12

Hey guys, Haven't been here in a long time, a shame too, used to be a great place for the smoke nuts to hang out and chat.

Just sharing Septembers hunt with you all.

Shot Sept 10th 2012 by my Brother with his CVA Accura V2 .50cal, 100gr Blackhorn209, CCI 209M primer, .500" 250gr Thor at 40 yards. Doe dropped on the spot from a single shot. No spine tissue was touched, she just dropped like a fat girl on a sugar rush.

The wound was cool at first glace, in and out, not much blood from the wound as she bled mostly from the nose and mouth. She dropped at the shot, strained her head for about 20 seconds and was still from then on.




Right to Left - Entrance/Exit

Skinning her at camp we found the exit wound was simply awesome.

spot where we gutted her, she died by the log on the left. My brother
found something 15 feet behind impact and is pointing to it.

This chunk of meat got twisted up in the Thor and was ripped out of her and slung tightly around this limb LOL.

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Congrats!  That looks like a

Congrats!  That looks like a nice area to hunt.  Thanks for sharing the pictures.  

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I do believe you are the first (and only, so far this year) successful smoker. (I could be wrong on that though, but congrats all the same)

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Congraulations on some nice

Congraulations on some nice meat! My problem was i didnt draw a tag outa 5 aps. Was going to get a cow elk land owners but decided to go after a leftover deer and didnt get a chance at a buck. Good job documenting the kill.

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