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It is a way to tell if you

It is a way to tell if you drew your first choice hunt tag before the actual notifications come out.

To do it go to the Parks and Wildlife draw results and preference points page and input your information. Then look at the preference points section. If you have a extra point then you didn't draw, if your points have been reduced to 0 then you drew your first choice.


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The real back door is showing

The real back door is showing results now.

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Yep.  The real backdoor is

Yep.  The real backdoor is open and it looks like the boy and I have scored Muzzle deer tags with our 2nd or 3rd choice.  Question now is are they buck (2nd choice) or doe tags (3rd choice)?  We'll find that out in a few days.

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Good Luck

BleuBijou wrote:

I have 0 points for Deer!!! Daughter has 0 points for a late buck in 96.


My oldest brother drew that same tag this year.  My youngest brother will be hunting that same season next door in Unit 95.  Just preference points for me for now.  

Good luck to your daughter!

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