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Colorado Deer

....results are postred...I did not draw a deer tag either.

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Thanks Goose !

Don't feel bad ! ::sick: I did not draw my buck tag either. My wife and boys drew there tags though, but my daughter, dad, and I will be looking at left over doe tags.


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I managed to pick up my

I managed to pick up my fourth choice archery tag in 444.  I guess that my luck wasn't good enough for my second and third choices. 

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Speaking of unit 444, I

Speaking of unit 444, I hunted elk 2nd season in that unit 3 years ago.  I only had 2 days to hunt and only was able to scout the area for part of 1 day before the season started, so it was not surprising that we did not see any elk or deer.  We did see a bear while we were in the pickup driving down the road just east of Basalt.  We did come across a few elk bedding areas while climbing the "ant hill" north of Ruedi.  We also came across a speed limit sign probably 3/4 of a mile away and ~1,000 ft in elevation above the nearest road.  Turns out my friend's dad new the guy that hauled the sign up there.  I guess the guy that did it thought it would be hilarious for people to come across this sign and wonder how the hell it got up there.  It worked, because we were very confused.  We did get some fishing in during the short trip.  For an hour of fishing, between three of us fishing, one of us was pulling in a fish about every 2 minutes.  They were all pretty small, so we were just fishing catch and release, but it was a lot of fun. 

My friend that worked in that area for several months said that he regularly saw some impressive bucks and bulls in the area.  I did hear good things about the hunting on Basalt Mountain, but I did not get a chance to check it out for myself.  Good luck.  I am curious to know how the season goes for you and also if you happen to come across any speed limit signs while you are out hiking the area. 

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That's pretty funny right

That's pretty funny right there. lol

I imagine we'd all be confused at a speed limit sign 3/4 mile from the nearest road.

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Lucked out

And drew my tag with no points. It's an archery tag for the Eastern Plains that runs from Nov. 2nd thru Dec. 31st. That's right smack dab thru the middle of the rut. The area I'm hunting I've hunted since a young kid for rabbits relegiously and for the past six years for coyotes and antelope. So I know it well. There's not tons of deer but over the years one thing has remained consistent, I have seen some of the biggest bucks in my life there. And, these bucks have often been close especially when rut crazed stumbling upon then as I was stalking rabbits or sneaking into an area to call for yotes. I also read in one of the hunting mags awhile back an interesting way some guys were calling in muley bucks when in the rut and will give it a try. Pretty darn excited and unless I'm able to pick up a left over list B rilfe cow elk license will be totally hitting archery for deer and elk and bear this year.

Also, if others haven't noticed even though though antelope isn't officially up when you pull up your draw info it shows your preference points for antelope this year so you know if you drew or not. It shows me with one point for 2011 and my dad with 2 points so we didn't draw our 1st choice buck tags and will likely get our 2nd choice doe tags.


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Well, I guess I did something

Well, I guess I did something right.  I just checked, and I have one preference point for deer. Wink

Hopefully I can use it on a combo hunt next year.

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Plans worked Perfectly!

My buddy & I both drew the same, first choice either sex archery! ... in the honey holes I have been watching the last couple of years! ) ...now lets hope them bruisers are still there! Talking bout our first scouting trip and fall hunting schedule all morning today over some fresh ground coffee! ...MAN!!!! ....I am not going to sleep until December!


...for near a week now I had my hopes up for the pronghorn unlimited archery opener, and then to find out I actually drew my 3rd choice buck muzzy tag, ...so since we just could not stand the thought of trying to wait the [88] days until Dove Season! ...we are looking at a pronger list B archery doe tag, to get us hunting something in only [71] days!!!


In the mean time I'll just have to keep myself busy hunting crappie for a fish fry!


HC Out!

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and you ain't excited at all are you?

Actually I totally feel the same.  Plus I get double, or maybe triple the fun because I get to scout and help her out in 2nd season, get my own deer hunt 3rd season, and maybe, just maybe will get drawn for a Wyoming deer hunt too.  

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