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Colorado Bighorn Archery Hunt

I am very likely to draw for a sheep tag this year in Colorado. I live in Colorado Springs, so I think scouting will be fairly easy to do on the weekends. I would like to hear from anyone who has hunted sheep in Colorado and what their experiences were like. I am going to be partnered with another bowhunter, and hiking in and setting up a spike camp is possible. Although I have heard that GMU S34 produces some very nice rams, I just can't see hunting these fine animals with the cityscape of Colorado Springs only scant miles away. I talked with a wildlife biologist for the DOW today, for example, and he told me that a unit like S9 is very difficult to access as most of it is wilderness and hiking from drainage to drainage would test anybody. I've hunted elk there, and it is tough to get to far into the unit without horses. Anybody who has hunted S32, S49, S35 or S12 please let me know any specifics you can. Also, any other general information you can pass along for sheep hunting will help. For example.."If you go, make sure you bring... ! " or "Whatever you do, don't... ! " Thanks. Looking forward to hearing how others did it.

Mark Jones

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Colorado Bighorn Archery Hunt

Welcome Mark! I can't help you out with your bighorn questions, however maybe one of the BGH members can give you a hand. Big smile

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Colorado Bighorn Archery Hunt

Mark Jones, Welcome to BGH! Thumbs up Hopefully someone on here has some info for you.

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Good question

I'm putting in for Colorado starting this year, so I'm very interested in this post, but unfortunately I don't have much to add.

I'm in contact with an outfitter that guides clients in Unit 12, and I've been told clients typically take 150-170 class rams there.

The answer to your question also depends on how many points you have. I wouldn't waste alot of points in Unit 35, for example, because it is the easiest unit to draw in (by the way, anyone know why this is the case? Low numbers of sheep?).

You may already know about this website, but it gives you the draw odds for units, I've found it very useful:


Good luck and let us know what you find out!

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