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Colorado Big Game access Adult

I am applying online for the drawing today.  My question is, do I need to purchase the Big Game access for adult license as well as each species?


I also need the habitat stamp I believe?  I am a resident.

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What's the big game access

What's the big game access fee?  I have never heard of it.  You do need to purchase the habitat stamp in order to apply for a tag or a point.

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That's just for hunting the southeast walk in areas

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  The Big Game Access Program


The Big Game Access Program is primarily for hunting antelope and deer on some private properties in the SE area of Colorado - specifically game management units = (GMU): 116, 117, 120, 121, 122, 125, 126, and 127.  You purchase the right to hunt these specific private properties - ranches.  I hunted antelope late season on a couple of these ranches last year - waste of time and money as I saw more hunters and trucks than antelope.  Bottom line - you do not need to purchase this if you are hunting elsewhere in the state.



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Biggame Access

Yes as already stated you just need to purchase one Big Game Access permit only if you will be accessing those properties enrolled in the Big Game Access Program, which runs you $40.  Access costs you more than the deer or antelope tag!  The CDOW website has a list of the properties enrolled in the program.  The $10 Habitat stamp is added to your cost when you apply for your limited license, or added to the first license you buy for that season/year.

I must say I've done the biggame access three years now and have decided I won't bother with it this year nor likely in the future either.  I have much better results on public land.  I hunted two properties an average of 4 days during the week each year for three years in a row and didn't come across too many other hunters, but also didn't see many pronghorn either.  The very few antelope I did see were on private property 7 miles north.  I think $40 is pretty steep for accessing property that offers very limited hunting opportunities, simply just to walk and glass some ranchers barren 3x3 mile plot of land .  Personally I think it's a program that has less to do with managing wildlife and more to do with ranchers getting funded with public dollars........just my opinion, as I could be wrong Confused

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