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Colorado Archery opening day

Whos heading out this weekend and which units?  Good Luck!

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I don't think that you could

I don't think that you could catch me out in the woods on Colorado's opening archery day on Labor Day weekend.  I did that once and never again, I never saw so many road hunters with a bow and arrows in the back of their trucks chasing anything that they saw with horns.  Then getting back into the truck to find another one.  Perhaps if I had a tag for a wilderness area but then you have to put up with the hikers and other nimrods out there. 

I even like the opening for the ML hunt this year, it is a week later than usuall and from what I have seen on my scouting trips it should be a fun hunt for me. 

To those of you on your way out good luck on your hunt. 

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I might go out but i wont

I might go out but i wont shoot anything unless its a monster. We are going on the 5th thru the 12th for our actual camp but i might sneak up the hill and see whats happening this weekend. I got some private access so wont be running into the crowd.

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I cant make it out till wed,

I cant make it out till wed, but all this weather has really got the bulls fired up. I spent the last last 2 days up in unit 10 scouting and the big bulls are already chasing cows. They were out at noon today sun shining bright and bugling like crazy. I think I may have to cash in my PP next year

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Unit 10

Really? Dang that seems early. Bow hunters are gonna be in for a good one. I have my tag there but not til Oct 1 rifle. Wonder what will be happening by then? I'd appreciate to hear any news from the unit if anyones in there.....not often you get to hunt it. Good luck bow hunters!!

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its gonna get hot again

its gonna get hot again

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