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colorado archery gmu 18 and 36

I am from Hawaii planning on going archery elk hunting in colorado.  It will be my first time using archery but I have elk hunted montana a handful of years with rifle.  I am going with a friend and we are planning on living off our backs for 4-5 days and want to get away from hunting pressure.  We are both in good hiking/hunting shape.  A few area I have been looking at are gmu 18 in the Indian peaks wilderness around Thunderbolt peak and also Sheephorn Creek in Gmu 36 pushing into the Eagles Nest Wilderness.  Also wondering what time of the archery season would be the best bet for these areas.  I was thinking the last week, after muzzleload is over to try and hit the peak of the rut?

Any info would be appreciated since the application date is coming up. Do we have to specify our region for OTC tags?


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unit 36

I've hunted near Sheephorn Creek up closer to the wilderness and there are elk in there, but arguably even more hunters.  The other trick to that area is the huge private ranch at the bottom of the valley.  I've literally watched 100 head of elk move from the wilderness to the ranch the week before archery season, and stay put till the snow got too deep.

That said, I've seen guys take elk outta the area on public ground.  It's certainly possible if you get far enough off the beaten path...or sit on the ranch fence and coax a bull to cross onto the public.

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Thanks for the info. Thats

Thanks for the info. Thats good to know.  Could any one point us in the right direction? We dont care about trophies, we just want to get into elk and hopefully put one down. We want to get away from pressure and are willing to work for it.


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If you want to get away from

If you want to get away from the crowds, then you'll want to head toward central or western Co. The IP wilderness isn't really wilderness as such, too many hikers most of the year.

Depending on the unit you choose, you may want to go the week before muzzy season to catch the elk less pressured. It depends on the number of muzzy hunters in the unit.

There's prenty of wilderness to choose from in the western half of the state.

Good luck! :thumbsup1:   

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