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colorado antelope

New the forum and new to antelope hunting.  Colorado native who has hunted deer and elk all his life, but have never been antelope hunting.  However, I have been accumulating preference points over the years and going into this season I have 14.  Does anyone have some advice on where to apply and how to get access to land.  Thanks


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With 14 points, don't be thinking about access to private land.  The few places with enough public land and enough antelope are pretty obvious.   2, 201, 3, 4, 87, 88.  You don't need to buy access, you just pull up and hunt.  If you meant how to access public land, just need a basic BLM or National Grasslands map for the right areas.

If you're willing to pay to hunt private land, you probably waited 14 more years than you should have.

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Thanks for the information.  Do you think that these public units would be a better choice than the ranching for wildlife licenses?  My biggest problem right now is time.  I'm a single dad, and I am not sure I would have much time to get out to the units you suggest to do any serious scouting.  I'm an experienced hunter (for deer and elk), but like I said, I have never hunter antelope before.  But if you really think I can go to these units and "pull up and hunt", I will have a whole week to get the job done.  I appreciate any further thoughts. 


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How are you planning on

How are you planning on hunting them, archery or rifle?  The ranching for wildlife has some good ranches in the program and then there are the bad ones.  I have had a couple of friends that have used their points to draw a RFW tag and then got stuck in a area that had no antelope and the managers refused to let them move from their designated area.  So if you decide to go that route check them out before you put in for that tag.  

As far as scouting, it doesn't take very long to find them and decide on you set up.  At most it would be a couple of days in the field.  I went into a area in Utah blind one year with another hunter that had the tag and in just one day we knew what we needed to know, except the next day it looked like all the other hunter in that unit had the same idea that we had and they were all over the place.  But the hunter did get his antelope the next day after we located a out of the way location. 

So for this year if you are not sure just put in for another point but get out into a unit that you are thinking about and find out what they are doing.  That way you will be more prepared for next year.  Last year I used 16 points on a unit that had very few antelope on it and hunted hard for 6 days and only took one shot.  In those 6 days I only saw one shooter.  The antelope went down but he was back up and gone by the time that I got to where he was.  The kicker is that the DOW isn't offering any tags in that unit this year or in the years to come it looks like. 

So make sure that you are prepared in knowing the unit that you plan on drawing.  Take a couple of weekend trips out to it this summer or early fall and check it out that way you may be more prepared to draw a tag next year.     

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