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WOW! Big jump in NR bull tag price this year. I'm not sure what the DOW is thinking here? Keep raising the price until people stop coming to CO? I've bee hunting elk in CO for twenty years and I've seen my share of price increases. This one is huge. Of course, I can always take opening day off and go fishing. What a BS move. Pawning off a fishing license as a means to sell a big increase.



$585 to $600 is a huge increase?

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I've been getting cow tags the last few years. Last bull tag I bought was $485, or so I thought. I guess it's just the sticker shock of seeing the "6" at the front. I was considering getting a buck tag along with a bull tag this year. Not gonna happen. I guess I'll just shoot them with the camera....

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OTC Non-Resident Cow elk was

OTC Non-Resident Cow elk was $354 last year - now $454 this year.  NR Cow Elk Draw is up $100.  NR Moose also went up $100.  The rest look like an increase of $12 to $25 a tag for NR's.  And thus the reason I keep a Colorado residency!