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Colorado 1st or 2nd season?

This may seem like a strange question but, does anyone hunt 2nd season elk instead of 1st because of the length of the season? I would think a resident might because he has two weekends instead of one. Just a thought.

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Colorado 1st or 2nd season?

A LOT of people hunt second season because of the length of the season. I don't personally though.

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Colorado 1st or 2nd season?

I hunt 2nd season when I don't draw a first season tag, but the more I look into, the more sense it makes to hunt third season instead, although that's when I prefer to hunt deer. The pressure falls to half that of 2nd season during 3rd season. I never make it back out for the second weekend of second season, even though that is usually my intent if I don't harvest. The second weekend of second season will mostly find locals (meaning not front range hunters) or out of staters who budgeted the whole week.

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Colorado 1st or 2nd season?

In the past, when I failed to draw an earlier season tag, I usually opted to hunt the second rifle season. What a learning experoence. Considering that I'm hunting in an OTC unit, the elk have been pestered pretty hard from the archery, muzzleloader and 1st rifle hunters. Finding them (even in the best of hunting conditions) is a logistical nightmare. The longer 2nd season used to be an excuse to get away from my wife and kids (all girls) and hang out with the boys chasing elk and deer. As I get older and have suffered through some college sport knee surgeries, I'm more inclined to hunt the first rifle and put my blinders on in filling a tag. The later seasons used to get my attention too, but cold weather and bad knees make for a lousy time.

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