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color phase cats?

Last year while hunting mule deer, I beleive that I saw a dark brown mt lion, it was larger then my labs and ran like a cat but the real clincher was the whip of the tall. The animal had been sitting on a small hill and at the bottum there were some cows and calfs (cattle). NO it wasn't a calf. I asked some friends if they had ever heard of any thing like this and they said that there was a black mt lion in Asotin that had been seen by quiet a few people?

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color phase cats?

I have pesonaly seen a very light colored one and I have seen a rug from one that was almost black so there are color phases,just not as common as a bear as far as I know.

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color phase cats?

I have seen a cougar that was totally black. I was out deer hunting west of Spokane,Wa when i seen it slinking along the botton of a canyon. I watched it very closely for a good hour and half in disbelife. I watched through my Bino's and then rubbed my eyes thinking I had seen some starving black bear with a long tail. When I told dad he said he had seen something of the nature also on a brush pile a couple years back but wasn't sure if he was seeing things due to an allnighter the day before.

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