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Cold, wet, and refreshing (not what you think!)

Went out scouting this past Sunday morning and was up and down spurs and draws for a couple of hours and was thinking to myself, "Hmm, where are they? If I were an elk, I'd like it here. Nice forage, close to the water..." Well, walked a little longer, this time directly following a little tiny creek bed that was in the valley I was scouting and BAM! Okay, not a real live elk, but track, and not so old. Kept walking and saw elk poop. (this is the cold, wet, and refreshing part) Cold and wet which I'm guessing was from the night prior and refreshing because I finally found some sign! As I followed the poop in scattered piles here and there I couldn't really make out how many different sets tracks I saw but judging on the amount of piles I'd put the number of elk around 6-8 cows. Maybe a few more. I walked and walked some more and even found bear tracks and poop and even some mountain lion tracks. I made it about half way through the area I wanted to scout before I had to leave for my granddaughters 1st birthday party but cannot wait to get back in there and look some more!

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Looking a little closer at

Looking a little closer at that pic I posted, this looks like bull stuff. I saw many piles like this but don't remember if they all had the shape of kernels of corn like this or were pointy on both ends which would more indicate a cow. Hmm, now I'm starting to wonder... I could only make out 1 maybe 2 definite sets of tracks. Do bulls drop several piles in different spots as they move about?

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Always good to be scouting

Always good to be scouting and actually find what you are looking for.  Good to see that you found some elk sign, even if it was "cold and wet" Yes

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