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Cold Weather Pig Hunting

What is the best way to hunt d pig in the brrrr time of year?????

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Cold Weather Pig Hunting

with a warm jacket and gloves?

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Cold Weather Pig Hunting

If weather in Texas stays as is--i'll let you know next week---

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Cold Weather Pig Hunting

Don't know, it dosn't get cold here !!! neener!

Seriously, winter here means rain and lots of it. On those cold, rainy days I have noticed that hogs will move off and on all day long with big boars moving way earlier in the evening than usual.
They will also bed down in more open cover and not way back in the thickest of the thick as they usually do. They will still visit their wallow holes even when frozen over they will root it up to break the ice and wallow away, dont know why but that they just do.

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Cold Weather Pig Hunting

Yup, they move around a lot more during the day when it's cold.

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