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Cold Weather Hunting (feature article)

October 2007 Feature Article

Cold Weather Hunting

Cold-weather hunting is not for the faint of heart. I've seen guys throw in the towel after only a day or two, canceling their trip of a lifetime because Mother Nature dropped the mercury into the toilet. Sub-zero temperatures can make the outdoors a miserable place to be. Add wind and humidity to the equation, and things get nasty. Sure you can always hunt a heated blind, but if you need to brave the elements, some planning is in order. Gear up properly and the cold can be manageable. Venture out unprepared and you may as well write off your hunt.

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Cold Weather Hunting (feature article)

Great article for the extreme cold weather hunter. I will definitely try out the Helly Hansen garments.

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Cold Weather Hunting (feature article)

ive tried the helly long underwear and they work but the best stuff ive tried is the under armor, but it is expensive so i prefer the carhartt brand i wear it at work and its fairly cheap and ive never gotten cold, even when i was working in wyoming and it was -25

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Cold Weather Hunting (feature article)

I don't know about the rest of the clothing brands, but Patagonia is one that I'm certain does not approve of thier lable being used in the hunting sports. That company is way too politically correct and way too Green for my tastes. I know, I've used their products for years in skiing, mountain climbing, and fly fishing. Also have had some good friends who've worked at thier retail stores. I do like their stuff. It's very high quality, and it works, but also expensive. Much of it is too bright of colors as well.

While I do believe in taking care of the environment I've really never liked Patagonia's or Yvonne Chanard's political correctness and never bought into their particualr style of environmental views. Just way too left wing and too Zen for me. The founder Yvonne Chanard has stated that he does not like the fact that his products have become trendy to the urban yuppies and he wishes that those customers would go away, yet all of his retail stores are carefully placed in the center of urban yuppie neighborhoods in cities where they have stores. While he may favor his small group of original hard core end-users and customers, he know it's all those yuppies and wanabe outdoorsy people that keep him in business, buying new stuff every year and filling up landfills with his used products. I think it's all pretty hypocritical myself.

I know that they are very much against the logging industry and I think they turn a blind eye to industrial terrorism and sabotage. I think they actually encourage it. I believe them to be very anti-hunting, and I believe they are affiliated with some organizations that are anti-hunting and anti-gun. That is one of the main reasons I stopped supporting them. I haven't purchased any Patagonia/Great Pacific Iron Works products for at least 8 years now. I will say though that Patagonia products are top notch, and should last you many many years, so I guess they are environmentally friendly.

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