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Cold front moving into Idaho; what's it going to do

Most prob already know... but a cold front is moving into the West this week, dropping temps into the 20's. Possibility of rain/snow.

I checked the weather service website and it's only suppose to last until Fri of this week and then move out, putting temps back into the mid 70's in the low-lands.

I am curious what it is going to do for the up and comming General Deer and Elk hunt? Its been years since I've got back into hunting, so I'm unsure what to expect.

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Cold front moving into Idaho; what's it going to do

Spokane is supposed to stay in the 50,s and not get any warmer than maybe the mid sixtees next week.

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Cold front moving into Idaho; what's it going to do

Having witnessed many fall hunts, I can say that I expect things to be about the same.

Deer and Elk don't really get moving down hill until you get some significant snow. If it rains/snows, they may hunker down under a thick spruce for a day or two, But they are not going to migrate just because a cold front moves in. The Mule deer rut begins about halloween. So they don't really start to bunch up until the harmones kick in. You will be seeing the big bucks hanging out by themselves or in small bacherlor groups. and smaller groups of does with small bucks. The deer ( at least where I hunt) will shade up in the timber during the day and be out feeding on the open hillside in the early morning and late evening.

The elk have been in the rut. In early Oct, you will see small groups of cows with a larger bull and you will see bacherlor groups of smaller bulls ( raghorns) The spikes are probably still running with the cows. By late October I start to see the larger herds start to form. As the bulls start to forget about rutting and the elk start to herd up for the winter.

Both animals have put on their winter hair ( it's triggered by shortened daylight not how cold it's been) So with their winter coats already starting to come in, they will be looking to stay cool on the warm days. And it's not cold enough to really bother them yet.

Hunting pressure from Bow and muzzle loadering hunters may have pushed them into more remote areas or out of areas that they summer'd in as they looked to get away from hunting pressure. Falls storms add water to the mountain side. So if they had been hanging around bodies of water during the dryer months, The rain/snow create puddles and give them added places to get a drink. So they can stay more dispersed. Fewer trips down to the creek.

We were 90* at home yesterday and only supposed to reach 52* for a high today, and after the storm front goes through today and tomorrow it's supposed to get back into the 70*. Up on the mountain at elevation it's probably 20* colder than that. I'll bet the animals are working harder at staying cool than at trying to stay warm.

A good wet storm will make the roads muddy. If the roads you use to access the area you hunt, have much clay, they will be a mess and slow down the fair weather hunters. But a couple days of 70's will dry them out pretty quick. I find a good storm does little to affect the animals and much more to reduce the number of hunters and the pressure the animals see. I pack in 7 miles on a horse from where I park the truck. It's a canyon that the animals retreat to when they feel outside pressure. It has a small resident herd all summer and fall. but I need hunters in the hills to put pressure on the animals to get them to retreat before I really see many in the canyon I'm in. So sometimes a good fall storm delays the animals showing up in the canyons that I hunt.

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Cold front moving into Idaho; what's it going to do

Was 18F. this morning at 7 a.m. here in the Tetons. More snow on the way for the next week. Mountains here are covered in snow above 7,000ft. Cold should get the animals moving! Hopefully! Highs to be 50 or colder here on the valley floor.

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