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I was loading my .40 S&W today and about 25 rnds in, noticed I was seating the bullets lower - I didn't tighten the lock nut enough or something.....  Anyways, I measured them and they are seated at 1.110 - 1.120 as opposed to the 1.135 I intended to.  My question is this, should I be concerned that I seated the bullet lower?  Is it safe to shoot them??  I can't see why it wouldn't be safe, but since this is the first semi-auto I've ever loaded for, I want to ensure.  Thanks for any inputs

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I wouldn't worry too much

I wouldn't worry too much about it but seating depth can affect pressures that could cause problems. 

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I doubt it would cause a

I doubt it would cause a probleem. all I load in handgun's are cast bullets. Each bullet has a crimping grove and my dies are set up to crimp at that grove. I'd guess jacketed bullet's have a crimp grove also. If you don't crimp them pressure changes and the bullet's could slide back into the case. I don't think it would cause any other problem than the stuff won't shoot well. The crimp will bring the pressure up to where it should be.

I'd pat closer attention to set up. Imagine if it was not seating them deep enough, wonder if to long they would feed and if the bolt would close. Oh yea, I only load for cylinder guns too. have a 9mm but the press hasn't been set up in years.