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Good Show!

Nice work man! Congrats!


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Great buck!

Makes my opening day in SD seem WAYYYY to far away.


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Great job with the bow!

Great job with the bow!

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Awesome, congrats on the

Awesome, congrats on the harvest.

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Thank you

Thanks you guys... and good luck to you on all your hunts this year

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Congrats! very nice muley, I would shoot him anyday

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Great looking buck, and

Great looking buck, and congrats. The velvet will make a great mount. Any time you fill your tag is a great thing, but a buck like that with a bow is even better. Congrats again

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Its about time somebody

Its about time somebody posted something! ha Congrats man!

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That's it, Hawkeye! To

That's it, Hawkeye! To satisfy your bloodlust, hows about you post some pics of this goat we're all dying to see.

i'm not kidding when i say i check the forum almost every day to see if you've posted anything. i guess you're waiting for second season, I just don't know when that is.

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Good job!

Good job!

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