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CO Unit 71,711

I will be hunting with a buddy that ususlly hunts around Dolores, for the 2nd rifle season for OTC elk. Can anyone tell my what to expect, as I haven't hunted in over 15 years. What should I ecpect for weather and terrain. I know I'll have to get to remote areas, and am planning on tenting it at camp. Any tips for this 2nd time around newbie would be greatly appreciated. Trying to figure out everything that I need to take so I don't have to include the kitchen sink!

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CO Unit 71,711

I have hunted unit 71 alot but never the 2cd rifle season. I have hunted it with bow, muzzle loader and 1st and 3rd rifle seasons. Most good hunting in 71 is in the 10,000 ft range. It will be below freezing at night but most days in the 50's. The most important gear in my opinion is waterproof insulated boots and quality rain gear. I dress in layers so I can takeoff a layer or 2 when it gets warm. My last hunt in unit 71 was 1st rifle 2 years ago. When I was leaving the area after the hunt the 2cd season hunters were coming in. There were alot of hunters. More than any season I've hunted. Take alot of hunter orange.

Good Luck, Jim

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