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Meat Processor

I used the "Big "E" northeast of Delta, Co. last year. They did it all, cape, cut and wrap and shipped it home here to Illinois. They opened up on Sunday for the big event and the place was super clean. We are still having elk 3 or 4 nights per week.

Good luck in the woods, Jay.

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The waiting is killing me.  2

The waiting is killing me.  2 parent teacher conferences and a baseball game this evening delayed my departure until tomorrow morning.  Gonna have to stay busy at work to keep my mind off of it.

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Thanks again for the

Thanks again for the advice.

We had a good, hard hunt but didn't end up getting anything.  I let life get in the way of a scouting trip, and subsequently depended too much on some honey hole advice.  The advice did get us into an area pretty thick with elk, but the ATV trail we were told was closed for hunting season ended up being open.  That left us walking a mile just to get to the ATV parking lot.  Elk were there, but the heavy pressure had them in the really thick cover, a bayonette would have been as useful as a rifle in there.  I passed on a half dozen partially obstructed and-or running shots at cows the first threee days.  My brother got in close to some little bulls a couple times but never got a shot either.  It was good fun, but if I'd known that trail was open to quads I would have brought my motorcycle to save some walking time.


My only real screw up was the first afternoon.  After not seeing any bucks in the dark timber with the elk, we hunted the afternoon lower.  I passed on a decent 3 point expecting to find better later in the hunt.  I never did get on another buck, hopefully that 3 point makes a good trophy for someone in a couple years.

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