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CO Unit 161 4th season cow hunt

Tried a 4th season cow hunt for the first time --in part because our 1st season hunt was cut short.  Went for a leftover cow tag in unit 161 NW of Walden.

The good:

Elk encounters: (1) Three elk spotted at very long distance came out of the timber on Independence Mtn right at dark on day one.  (2) Dawn of day 2 same location, herd of about 25 to 30 elk spotted at very long distance at dawn crossing the basin in a hurry and headed west back towards zirkel wilderness.  Tried to close the distance as herd fanned out.  Of course the three that came my direction were all raghorns.  I did come across a guy who was better positioned and who was able to get a cow.  It was his first elk in 19 years of trying.  His wife was with him and she was near tears she was so happy.  Very cool morning.

Other good:  Did get some cool photos.  My late grandmother painted landscapes in oils and was channeling me through my camera phone: https://picasaweb.google.com/104946128010277129101/Nov2011ElkCowHunt?authkey=Gv1sRgCIf98Nyoi8iFJQ#slideshow/5676754761936755218

The not so good:

Its a big unit with lots of public land (NF, BLM and state) but all the open roads make it a bit tough to get away from the crowds.  Some people were ignoring the closed trail signs on the BLM land even though the place was crawling with BLM and CDOW officers.  Probably a good unit for road hunters, but I don't know whether I would return for another rifle season.

Weather was also a challenge.  Needed more snow to get more of the elk down.  Day three was a full blown wind storm.  I hear the snow came in late and hopfully pushed the animals down but I was only able to hunt the first three days.

Now we wait for next year.







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Sorry you didn't manage to

Sorry you didn't manage to get one down but I appreciate your report on the unit. I have never hunted over there so wouldn't know what to expect. I hear a lot more about the area for moose than I do for elk and if I ever get over there that will probably be the reason.

I can't believe waiting 16 years to get your first elk, that guy must have been really happy for that one. I'm not a great elk hunter but I still manage to get at least a cow every couple of years if hte weather is working for me.

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Great photos.  I know a guy

Great photos.  I know a guy that ghunts there second season and they faired about the same except I do not think they saw anything but a bunch of orange dots runnig all over.  I have heard from many people that there can be a lot of hunters on that mountian at all times.  My buddies son did kill a nice bull there 2 years ago so they are there, just gotta get away from the pressure and as you saw that is easier said than done. 

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Sorry you didn't get an elk

Sorry you didn't get an elk this time.  Sounds like you worked hard for it, but it was not to be.  You have to feel good for the guy though, and for his wife.  I tried to explain to my wife about my Mom last week, who almost cried when my dad got his best deer ever, with me there to see it.  Even though he has shot quite a few deer, there is always something special about your best one.  To think that this guy went 19 years without getting one.  Very cool.

Maybe you will be able to get into one next year.!

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