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CO Unit 14 vs 214

I was curious if anyone has any insite on units 14 and 214 in Colorado for elk.  Doing some online research 14 obviously has a lot more public land but the Northern parts of 214 still grabs my attention.  Was curious if anyone has hunting ither of these units and what you thought.  In 214 is alot of the hunting dont on private land vs public?

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unit 14

Big Dogg,

I have not hunted Unit 214 but this fall will be our 4th year hunting unit 14. Love the area. We rifle hunt. The first two years was 3rd season. Last year we camped the first season. This year we will be back to 3rd season. We hunt near Clark which is north of Steamboat west side of the divide. There is plenty of public land but it is not easy terrain. Be prepared to walk alot! There is several trail systems in Routt National Forest and Mt. Zirkel Wilderness. Lots of drainage areas and plenty of Aspen. We have taken out 2 cows thus far. We have had Bulls in the binoculars. They are usually very high, 10,000 feet. But like with any hunting its all on how hard you want to work. You are not going to see herds of elk in the valleys but they are out there. Just depending on when they are moving through. The Seedhouse Rd. access is the best way to get back into the Mt. Zirkel area. But at the end its all on foot and climbing. But the hunt is what you make it. We have seen big bulls and each year we talk to other hunters who have taken some in 14. Not sure where you would stay but depending on that there is a couple trail heads closer to Steamboat like Red Dirt trail or Mad Creek Trail. There is areas closer yet to Steamboat and also on the other side of the divide but not as accessible. The closer to Steamboat the more private land that is edging the public land. The elk know where to hide and 14 has plenty of those spots. We have hiked a few miles and will still encounter hikers on trails so get off trail as far as you can. If it looks nasty thats where to go. We have discussed moving to another unit but it takes a couple years to relly get to know a unit and in this 4th year we still have a couple spots to check out. Taking a Elk is the ultimate goal I think for anyone but we are just as happy to be out there no matter what happens. If you want more info just ask. Happy Hunting!

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