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CO Unit 133

I've been gathering preference points for Pronghorn over the four years since I started hunting (at age 44 - it's never too late to start, right?). I'd like to try Pronhorn this year, but don't want to use my points yet, so I'm planning to go for a second choice doe tag in 133. A friend at work was successful at Apishipa SWA last year, which also has some State Trust land adjacent, and I'm told there's a large private ranch that abuts the SWA which is "no permission required" and I have a contact number to confirm that. I'd appreciate any comments on this plan, specifically my chances of finding game on this relatively small area of public/permissible land. Also any comments about finding deer or elk in this area would be welcome.


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Re: CO Unit 133

I personally do not even like to consider rifle hunting on the relatively small SWA that exist on the front range, it's too risky and dangerous in my opinion. Often there are just too many small game hunters in those tiny areas. Besides, every SWA I've been to only allow archery or shotgun, while prohibiting rifle firing. For elk I think you'd probably have a better chance in a different game unit than 133, but that's not to say that elk won't be found there in unti 133. A rifle tag for elk in 133 is valid in four of the surrounding units as well, see biggame brochure for more details. Scout 133 and the area right now through summer time to see what elk populations exist. Might want to spend some time scouting areas west of the foothills and through the western part of the state if you want elk too. That's one thing about biggame hunting, it requires you to do a considerable amount of scouting to determin if an area will yield. I think my boots, maps, and my binoculars get more use while pre-season scouting than they do while on the actual hunts. The habitat in 133 is plenty suitable for pronghorn and deer.

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Re: CO Unit 133

Like Western Hunter said. For antelope, I'd get down there and scout. Learn it well and be in the right place come opening morning, while it's still dark.

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