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Re: Co Unit 10 Yampa river

Yes ,you need a permit to raft the dinasaur monument ,applications are taken december through feb 2. It"s a random lottery with odds of about 1in 30 for the yampa depending on the date that is applied for. The yampa is runable most years depending on weather and snow pack from aprail 10 to july 10th +or- a week ,after that the flow drops like a rock.If you want to raft the monument just to do it, the green river is raftable year round most years because it"s dam controled and late august or september permits odds are 40% to 50% draw ,class 3 and easy class 4 rapids , very beautiful 4 day trip. Down stream from Maybel and above deer park on the yampa is cross mountan canyon ,at raftable levels it is rated class 4+ to class 5 depanding in the flow, very narrow and fast , mostly done buy people with something to prove. Have fun good luck!!

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Re: Co Unit 10 Yampa river

If you have an area 10 tag you would not want to put in at maybell. That would be area 11 and your tag is no good there. Going down the yampa you dont get into area 10 until the OUTLET of cross mountain canyon. From there it is only about eight miles to dinosaur national monument,no hunting or guns in the monument, and you would be restricted to the south side of the river. None of this matters unless you can get permision to hunt on private because all of the river bottom in this area is private property. You will need the Rangely BLM map for area 10.

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